Big Ben Bounces Back

EMOTIONAL Benito van de Pas produced a fine William Hill World Championships but admitted he was close to QUITTING after a horror year.

The lanky Dutchman eventually lost out to Brendan Dolan in the fourth round but delivered excellent wins over Jim Long and Toni Alcinas.

The classy star revealed: “I was emotional on stage because I’ve had a really bad year and I won a really close game. Two years ago when I was playing really well, I also won close games. Now I’m doing it again.

“Maybe it is because finally I am winning, that’s why I’m emotional.

“My son is 12 weeks old. When I’m not playing good I think of him and I hope that he will get me through that game and he did yet again.

“I was thinking of quitting at one stage, it’s been such a tough year. All the time I am thinking ‘what are you doing’.

“Over the last three months I have been playing better but was losing all the time despite average 103 or 104.

“But I think in this tournament I have changed. I am not playing what I am practising but still I won two games and that’s real important.

“I’ve had so many problems, this is why I was emotional on stage.

“But I have changed my darts six weeks ago and I’ve improved and not had so many bounceouts.

“After the Players Championship my sponsor was at my house for three days and we sorted these problems.

“I was so depressed with all the bounceouts. I played terrible all year so I knew I had to change something quickly.”